Thursday, October 16, 2014

Report from Morgan in New Zealand

By Morgan Holland '16

Hello all! While the rest of the team was busy training back in the states I decided to take advantage of an opportunity to study abroad in New Zealand. Before leaving I did some research into the skiing in NZ and made plans to bring all of my gear with me, buy a car, and get some hours in on snow. At the time I did not know any other Nordic skiers who were going, so I was quite surprised to learn that I would be flatting (sharing an apartment) with Josh Harrington of Williams. When I found out that two Middlebury skiers, Nick Underwood and Jack Steele, were also studying at the same University, I knew it would be a good semester.

Plenty of training, adventures, and shenanigans have ensued as we have worked our way around the south island, making for a truly epic semester. On a more serious note I broke a metacarpal while sampling the mountain bike trails in Dunedin. After being out for four weeks I finally got the cast off and have begun seriously training again. One good thing about getting injured in New Zealand is Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC), which means that I won’t have to pay for any of my hospital or physiotherapy visits.

For this post I though that I would give some tips to other Nordic skiers considering studying abroad. If it seems as though some of them are a bit biased towards New Zealand that’s because they are...

Morgan presents: 
How to Make the Most Out of Your Study Abroad Experience

1) Pack right

They will definitely have clothes where you go, but probably not Triacs

2) Go somewhere with good training locations

Being stuck in a gym sucks; running on beaches is awesome

3) Go somewhere with good training partners

Training alone gets old fast: training with a group is much better

4) Buy a car

How else are you getting to the mountains?

5) Don't enroll in any Friday classes

No class = more time for training. Where would you rather be, outside or in a lecture hall?

6) Eat well

You can't complain about the food if you make it yourself!

7) Remember to switch up the training

You might as well while you're there

8) Have fun!

Not hard to do when you're skiing in July and August!

I’ll finish up with two of my own videos and three from Jack Steele (Middlebury)



This is not what you're hand should look like after mountain biking...

Monday, October 13, 2014

Video evidence

Just a few films of the training we have been up to. For the most part these are for the athletes and coaches to review, but I thought the greater public might enjoy seeing some of what we've been up to this fall IN MOTION.

V1 drills, Plains Road

Some easy repeats up a long hill focusing on smooth glide and good body position while climbing. We warmed up with some no-pole skating before going up the hill three times; twice with only one pole, and a third time with both

L3 Skate Intervals, Brown's Bridge

A warm-up of skating drills followed by some level 3/Theshold intervals. Focus was on smooth skiing, good transitions and appropriate pacing

3k Test

Some exciting and sometimes humorous footage from the 3k running test. Individual champs were Blaine Ayotte and Erin Perryman.

DP Test

Clips from the uphill double pole test at Brown's Bridge. This is about 3/4 of the way into the test so everyone is pretty tired...good for figuring out where your weaknesses are and what breaks down when fatigue sets in!

Irish Settlement Classic Intervals

A mix of classic and doublepole intervals at Irish Settlement Road, a really nice stretch of hilly terrain in the nearby town of Pierrepont.