Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Dartmouth Carnival (Carni-Crush Weekend)

Carni-Crush Weekend
Dartmouth Carnival
Hi everyone!
Gabby Wangler here. This past weekend the Saints traveled up to Hanover, New Hampshire for some woodsy skiing. It was my first time being in such a cute town with a great race course and it proved to be a really fun weekend.
Driving up to the course on Thursday was more of a race against the sun; the course for the first day was a 10k loop that wound through the woods and eventually made its way back to the stadium, and it was around 5:00 pm when we arrived. No lights, no problems…right??  Well, not really.  I was constantly reminded of a quote by Henry David Thoreau that reads, “These woods are lovely, dark and deep…” as the disappearing light gave way to a shadowed forest.  By the time we were done, the stars were out, and our vans were basically the only ones left in the parking lot.  At least our classic skiing made for some really good agility practice when we hit the “S” turns!
Then we hopped in the vans and drove to Tim’s house, where his family graciously hosted us for dinner with lots of yummy food. (Thank you again, Cunningham’s!)
The first day was a 10k classic individual start for both the men and women, and the men started first. The course consisted of rolling uphills for about 8k, and then descended the final 2k with some “S” turns thrown in.  And for most of the woods part, it’s just you, your equipment, and your determination.  As compared to our skate races, our classic races didn’t seem to be as strong for both the men and women’s teams, but we took this in stride the following day.
GH '21- 116th place Skate Race
On Saturday, it was the final EISA/Eastern Cup race so there were a lot of other skiers present.  The men raced first in a skate 10k individual start that looped into a field and connected back into the first day’s course.  It was warm, so some hills turned into mashed potatoes, but we had some great performances.  Highlights include Timothy Cunningham (’21) who made a powerful performance for 55th place, Jackie Garso (’20) who had a stellar day by finishing 25th, and Lucy Hochschartner who blazed her way to 36th place.  It’s safe to say that both teams finished higher than the previous day, and everyone had improved! (Plus it’s always a fun day when you can race in a tee shirt).
Kate '20- 60th place
And by keeping tradition, we also participated in Carni Crush.  The boys made a poem for the Laval women, and the SLU women may or may not go down in history for the greatest Carni Crush for the UVM men.  Just saying.  
…and that’s it on my end! Stay tuned as the Saints travel to Prospect (fingers crossed!) for the Williams Carnival this weekend!

-Gabby Wangler (’21)

Women Classic RESULTS
Men Classic RESULTS

Women Skate RESULTS

5K/10K Skate Race Pictures from Bob Townsend:
Tim '21- 55th place
George '21- 92nd place
Jackie '20 pursuing GMVS skier, Rena Schwartz 25th place
Eliza '21
GH '21 (again)- 116th place
Dottie '21- 63rd place
Emily '20- 120th place
George '21 (again)- 92nd place
Matt Young '19- 136th place
Lucy '20- 36th place
Dana '18- 77th place

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

UVM Carnival

By Dana

UVM Carnival

Craftsbury was ripping last weekend! The conditions were immaculate and made for some fast, fun racing! It was unfortunate that Stowe couldn't host due to icy trails, but when in doubt, Craftsbury can pull it off.  Many thanks to the volunteers all weekend!

As for our racing this weekend, the results were up and down.  We want more and we know we can reach our goals!

The gun went off at 10am for the ladies 15k mass start, with little tangle ups.  It was smooth for the most part, except for one incident where a girl's poles got in Dottie's way, leaving her scrambling on the ground while others pushed their way thru her.  Lucy and Jackie steadied themselves in the front with a good crew of tough skiers. Dana was successful with getting a good start, but slowly fell back as her mental game went downhill.  Fortunately, Gabby and Kate were strong enough to pull it together and had superb races.  The course was extremely tough, as Craftsbury cut a new 5K course with some sweet S turns down, and a long climb back up, in addition to the other rolling hills on the typical 5K course.  This was no easy feat as the girls did 3 laps and the boys skied 4.

The boys scrambled out of the start with what also looked like a smooth beginning to a long race.  Tim got out strong and was looking fierce, while George tried to shorten the gap with 5 or so people between him and Tim.  GH was not far behind, trying to hold on and also shorten the gap between him and George.  Ryland made it around 1 lap and had to sit out unfortunately, but Nathaniel, Ben, Matt, and Matt brought it in for the guys.  It was a real pain cave out there, especially for our team being mostly first years.. but that's not a good enough excuse:) The women's team got a solid 5th place, something we would be thrilled about in the past, but as we have become stronger and stronger we are still hungry for more!

Saturday was mixed with the Eastern Cup in an individual 15 second start. Our bodies were tired, but with the hillier section not part of this course and only doing one lap this time (two for guys), we felt we could conquer anything!  Jackie, Dottie, and Dana had solid results all in the top 38- Lucy as well, but was a little disappointed compared to where she had been in the past.  Tim was the first scorer again for our team in 46th with George and Nathaniel in 54, and 55th.  Again, the conditions were really great for classic skiing, and I thought the kick was great (Thanks Ethan, Kyle, & Bob).  The days got colder and colder, but nothing we couldn't endure.  Thanks to all of our fans and support teams, especially our parents for bringing the hot soups and drinks!

We can't wait for a 10k Classic race on Friday and a 5k/10k Skate race on Saturday at Oak Hill in Hanover, NH hosted by Dartmouth Carnival!  It should be interesting as they haven't been able to host a carnival there in a long time due to a lack of snow! 
Here are the results: (Be on the lookout for India's video soon)

Women's 15K
Men's 20K

Women's 5K
Men's 10K