Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Quebec City World Cup!

Ryan, Madi, Dana, Waters, Kate, Dustin, Brendan, Matt, Jordan, all went to the 2017 Nordic World Cup in Quebec City!  We had a blast. It was a great way to start our spring break. We also stayed with skier friend Lance Mckenney, and other SLU students Erika Florian, and Christine Corcoran.  Coach Liz, Erin Perryman and Phil Marshall were also there, along with the Townsend Family! Having the world cup so close by, so many fellow skiers and Americans filled the crowds! GO USA!

Most of us stayed right in the city at the Best Western Plus, in two 6 person suites. We could walk to and from the old city in about 10min or less. I do not recommend bringing your car if you don't have to. Parking is a big pain.  The races were held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and were all on one section of the streets in the old city, the same area as the world cup in 2016.

Enjoy the pictures! All taken by Dana:
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Kikkan Randall!

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Sophie Caldwell signing autographs on the ski trail
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Julia Kern Sprint

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Jessie Diggins!

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Simi Hamilton warming up

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Sadie Bjornsen and Jessie Diggins
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Crash in Men's 15k Mass Start- It happens in the big leagues too folks!
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Ben Lustgarten! His brother Eric graduated from SLU!
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Klaebo, my new idol; the 20yr old won both the Sprint and the Skate Pursuit!

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Jessie Diggins
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Mens Mass Start Line Up
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First Years Jordan and Kate enjoying the races!

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Phil Marshall '16, Erin Perryman '16, Coach Liz, and Jeremy Hecker

2016-2017 Season In Review

First of all, thanks to Lucy for picking up the slack and writing the blog! I'm excited she will be able to post from her own account now, so I know next year we will still be in good hands.

For those wondering, yes, recently, I got a concussion at the last carnival of the season. Luckily, I finished the season and fortunately I was able to finish the 15k skate race that day.  I never knew that a concussion could be one of the worst things that could happen to you.  Concussions happen so frequently in college that when someone says they have a concussion, it kind of glosses over my head. Not anymore..

10 things you need to know about a concussion:

1. They suck
2. It hurts a lot; a constant headache, everyday all day
3. You feel trapped in a box that you can't get out
4. You'll have mood swings
5. You sleep a lot- who knew one could sleep so much?
6. You can't watch TV, write, read, draw, nothing.. you'll miss out on opportunities and you'll watch out your bedroom window all day
7. You realize how much you like school and exercising
8. You lay in bed all day..the first few days are fine, the next few days are boring
9. You feel tired, but you sleep all day, but when you go to bed, you want to sleep, but you are tired of sleeping..
10. You'll never ever wish it on anyone

Moving on..

The season ended on a brilliant note as mentioned before. After that, Lucy, Jackie, Kate, and Dani made their way to JN's at Lake Placid, where they had some top performances. All in all, a successful season. Many thanks for all the support along the way.

Here's a poem to recap:


We are finishing up classes, with one week left before Spring Break! This coming weekend, most of us are heading to Quebec City where the final World Cup races have been moved to! Lucky for us! We are so stoked and perhaps one of us will report on it when we get back. We're still in search of that's never around long enough for us nordies.

Lastly, if you haven't done so yet, check out India's videos. Not only did she make videos from every carnival, she also made videos for those going to NCAA's and video's capturing JN's- Like her on Facebook, follow her on Youtube and Instagram at Blazing Pines Productions!