Thursday, February 11, 2016

UVM Carnival

UVM Carnival
By: Dana '18

With lack of snow everywhere, the UVM carnival was switched to Craftsbury in VT. With a 2.5k loop of snow, they were still able to pull off a 5k/10k skate on Saturday and a 10k/10k classic on Sunday.  The skate race was pretty fast and the classic course held up just fine, but the last steep hill in the field was a mashed potato slog-fest, where everyone had to herringbone up.  Not all of us may have posted the best results we would have liked this weekend, but everyone pushed together and stayed positive.  I believe we are headed in the right direction! The snow has fallen and there is more snow here in Canton!! We'll see you back in Craftsbury this Valentine's Day weekend!

India Harvey '18 composed an awesome poem, using only words starting with the letter C, all in spirit of skiing at Craftsbury!

Craftsbury’s Classic Competition challenged Competitors.
Concerned College Chics consistently counseled coaches.
Considering climate conditions coaches choose “klister.”
Coffee cured crankiness creating crucial calm composure.
Cool, collectedness contributed confidence.
Crummy corners could cream competitors causing cuts.
Champions composed courage, crushed climbs, Conquering chumps.
Clumsiness caused consequential contagious collisions.
Cutthroats couldn’t choose comfortable conservation.
Chaperones Cheering culminated caring contact.
Captivated children constantly clapped.
Concluding ceremony, Classmates congratulated committed combatants.
College cars contained clean compression clothing.
Carefree, Cheerful Celebration culminated.

Monday, February 1, 2016

The "Off" Weekend

Written by Erin Perryman

Despite not having a carnival this weekend, we still had the opportunity to get some great racing in. Our very own Lake Placid hosted a combined Eastern Cup and Super Tour on the trails at the base of the ski jumps. We all met with the coaches individually to decide what type of training/racing our weekend should consist of to best help prepare us for the rest of our carnival season.

I had the opportunity to spectate Saturday’s 1.5k skate sprint as much as it pained me to not race on the PERFECT skating conditions. It was a great day to be a Saint with both Matt and Ruben moving on to the junior heats and Ruben skiing a tactful race in the finals to come out with the WIN!

On Sunday, a new crew returned to Lake Placid for a 10k classic race in the very warm spring temperatures. It was perfect preparation for the upcoming 10k at the UVM carnival. The team is getting tuned up, and figuring out what we each need to do to reach our goals. It is obvious the team is ready to turn some heads, have some fun, and prove what SLUSKI is capable of!

And on that note I will leave you with this video that I had way too much fun making of Saturday’s skate sprints. It is clear by the quality of this video that I should stick to skiing and leave the filmmaking up to the professionals.

Think Snow!