Monday, December 4, 2017

Snow, Snow, Snow, Get on the Snow

By Nathaniel Perkins '21

After Thanksgiving camp ended, the Saints were allotted Sunday and Monday to rest up for the week ahead. Many took this an opportunity to catch up on sleep or work for the academically and athletically challenging week that lied ahead. On Tuesday, we went for a ski at Higley Flow State Park. The snow was shallow, but the excitement to be skiing again was high. However, the next day it was back to dry-land training for us. We did some running intervals right here in Canton to prepare for the hours in the van that laid ahead. Thursday through Saturday we traveled to Lake Placid to get on the loop ORDA had made down there. The loop was great, but we were definitely starting to get dizzy on the 500M they had pushed out, (especially ab boy GH who is two for two on the Triac breaks this week. I also snapped one, but let’s not talk about it..). 

Dana excited about the mini loop in LP followed by Gabby, GH, and Nathaniel

To get on some more snow, we headed up to Nakkertok in Canada for Sundays session. 

Team together after a hard interval session with Carleton at Nakkertok in Gatineau, Canada- Sunday, Dec. 3rd
At Nakkertok, we did some L4 intervals with the team over at Carleton University. It was nice to have some other fast skiers there, and we definitely pushed each other in the intervals. This was especially evident by the snoring on the van ride home. It was a tough week for us coming right off camp, but hopefully weeks like this will just make us faster going into race season. 

Here We Go Saints!

Some photos from the last day in Canada of our race time trial from our Thanksgiving week break-
Photos taken by Emily Siegel '20

Matt M cruising by
Ben C powering on by
GH v2ing over the top of the hill
Matt Y pushing through
Tim C skiing strong to a 46th place finish
Erin W back on the snow and racing from a semester away in the woods
Kate A gliding on by for a 25th place finish
Dana H skiing hard to a top 10 finish
Lucy H crushing the race for a 2nd place finish
Jackie G hammering for a 13th place finish

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Foret: the last post

The final post of our stupendous week at Foret and...Dana's last recap of Foret with SLU:/

Thanksgiving was amazing with a wide variety of food, including: 2 turkeys, mashed potatoes, mashed squash, green beans and green bean casserole, homemade cranberry sauce, gravy, 4 pumpkin pies, apple crisp, strawberry/rhubarb pies, maple glazed carrots, peas and carrots, bread rolls, salad, stuffing, and Brussel sprouts! It was a feast and many hands made light work!  This team can eat! We went through a lot of food and especially milk and juice...uhmm hmm boys. 

These posts are mostly pictures since they probably tell more than I can in words.  It was a crazy, but super training week.  We ended the week with a 5k time trial off the 2k manmade loop with other teams, including: Laval, OSI, Colby, Bates, Bowdoin, UVM, Middlebury, UMPI, and Carleton. The course started at a bridge and went slightly down and then a quick up for about 2k, it then took a sharp right turn and went up and up.  It was then rolling into the finish.  The trail was not groomed on the last 3k, and the first 2k was only packed down.  It made for some tricky balancing and uneven skiing, but we persevered.  It was an especially great day for George, Lucy, Jackie and Dana! Some of our team got sick during the week and were unable to start the race unfortunately.  Luckily this race doesn't mean much in terms of what's to come since it was only a time trial and we've had a long, hard volume week..our bodies are tired and ready for a good 2 days of recovery! Nonetheless, we hope it speaks somewhat to what is to come for those who had a great day!

We arrived back on campus Saturday night around 7:30pm and unloaded the vans and trailer.  We headed to Coach Townsend's house for pizza, salad, and wings, and then we trucked back to our dorms for a restful sleep.

Results posted here

SLU Girls on the last day!


Emily and Dana pause from a skate ski
Setting the Thanksgiving table!
Dana wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Emily, Kate, and Lucy happy about their thanksgiving feast!

Foret looking pretty as always

Hungry skiers happy for all the food!!

Jackie and Kate on Friday thankful for the fresh snow!

Dana happy about the great skiing

Part of the race course on Saturday

Some of the delicious food from our SLU thanksgiving feast!

The view from the bridge at Foret

Some of what we do in our free time

One of the many delicious meals we made for dinner: Chili and Cornbread!

Gabby '21 and Emily '20 during a skate ski off the 2k manmade snow loop!

It started snowing thanksgiving night!! Here's the view from our driveway.

Getting lots of thanksgiving food!! Featuring Ben, Dottie, GH, and Jordan. It was also Ben's Birthday!! 

A view from Quebec City on Tuesday night!

The First year boys thought it would be nice of them to bring back an Ice Trophy from a run for their Captain Dana:)

Tim being a trooper and unplugging the sink :) 
The basement entertainment room became a ski storage room, featuring Nathaniel and Ryland.

The boys passed out in the van on the ride home after a time trial with the other college teams!!
Thanks for reading the blog and we hope you stay tuned in as we prepare for our final four weeks of school before winter break! We hope everyone had as great a week as we did. 

See you on the trails really soon!!