Sunday, November 19, 2017

Foret: Post 1

We arrived yesterday afternoon and have since been skiing!! I'll let the pictures do the talking, but so far so good!

The trip! Snow!

Gabby, Tim, and Jackie helping make dinner

Tim showing off our lovely stock of food
First dinner at the house!
Our beautiful holiday home for the week
Eliza, Kate, Dottie, and Jordan
Jackie, Erin, Dana, Kate, & Emily
The team made it to Quebec yesterday, first day on snow today! 2hr skate ski this am, and another 1.5 hrs this afternoon.
Matt on the first ski- double skate session (2-2.5hr in am, 1-1.5hr in pm)

Friday, November 17, 2017


By Dana Hatton

Again, sorry for the tardiness of this post.
Last week was a grueling, dig deep kind of week.  We had three intensity sessions on top of volume.  It was the last chance to really get in a quality week before the break and everyone took it well.  We had skate intervals, classical intervals, uphill running intervals at Mt. Arab and a 3 hour skate OD! Phew..we are feeling the success in pain.

Snow at Higley!!! Featuring Sophie- PC: Emily Siegel

On Thursday morning, we woke to snow outside our windows!! It had started pouring around 8 o'clock at night, but switched over to snow around 11! Unfortunately, it was only a dusting, so we were unable to make it a real ski practice. It made for a very cold skate rollerski that afternoon.  However, we got to practice our ice skating because the roads were still slick in some areas.  The road got worse and worse as we made our way to Higley.  AND then!! there was so much snow at Higley!! We went for a run, but we should've been skiing..and by skiing, I mean rock skiing.

Another surprise we throughly enjoyed, on Sat, Nov. 11th, were the 1-mile repeats up Mt. Arab near Tupper Lake, where there was so much snow! It made us jump with joy.  The girls were so excited!  Lots of happy happy nordies!!

This past week we maintained a steady week of morning practices, along with some specific strength and bounding intervals at Higley!

And with that, we have completed 34 weeks of training! We are looking forward to Thanksgiving camp at Foret!! We leave tomorrow, Saturday morning (Nov. 18th), for the seven hour drive to Quebec!

Until then,