Tuesday, March 1, 2016

That's a Wrap

By: Dana H
Alright, since I've been slacking in the blog post department, I created some poems to convey our busy weekends.  The first poem illustrates the Dartmouth Carnival at Craftsbury, followed by the Williams Carnival at Lake Placid, and lastly the Middlebury Carnival at Rikert.   I hope you find them fun to read. Yes, the poems may have been a short cut, but hopefully they'll do the job.  Before the poems, I'd like to first say thank you to all the parents and family members for hosting us, for cooking dinners, for contributing to the food table and organizing all of our food this season! I'd also like to thank the coaches for all of their support, time, commitment, dedication and all of their hard work that went into helping us race every weekend! Many thanks to the seniors and the captains as well; we will miss you guys a whole bunch!!  Also, a congratulations is in order to Matt Young for earning a spot on the Junior National New England Ski team!!! Good luck Matt! Have fun and race hard in Cable, Wisconsin next week!

Matt Young'19 (Good Luck at Jn's!)
Thanks Seniors! Captain Erin Perryman
Captain Kyle Curry
Senior Morgan Holland
Senior Taren McGray

Captain Phil Marshall 
Thanks Coaches- Asst. Coach Liz Pete- keepin' things real
Coach Townsend
Good Luck Seniors!
Beginning of the guys mass start 20k Classic Race at Rikert- featuring Phil 
Guys 20k mass start...luckily no slu skiers were caught in a tangle up!
Dustin Ramsay 
Ruben Castren '19 at Lake Placid 

Girls jumping into the last carnival! L-R: India, Erin P, Erin W, Taren, Dana- PC: Lizzy L
Top to bottom- Lizzy L, Erin P, India, and Dana at Lake Placid
(Photos courtesy of flyingpointroad, Taren and Erin's mom's, and Dana and Lizzy)

Dartmouth Carnival-

Was only a one-day race
But it was an all out chase
Erin got forty
She sure is sporty

Race was held at Craftsbury
15k, 5 laps
One large mass start furry
So tiring, later we all took naps

Kyle had magical skis
With a top finish in 23rd
The weather made us all freeze
Which is nearly absurd

At the Townsend’s had the best dinners
Gwen made us cookies
SLU ate like winners
When it comes to this type of thing, we are no rookies

Girls sang for UVM and the guys had Middlebury
Valentines were relayed
Luckily no one walked out in a fury
Happy Valentines Day

Boys went back to school
Boiled hot water, threw it out the window  
Because they are so cool
Out came snow, down below

Girls stayed an extra night
Power went out
But we didn’t pout
The girls skied in the cold, not putting up a fight
The Transit at school didn’t start
Guys had to stay inside
And take a spin ride

They were sad they had decided to part

Williams Carnival-
Williams hosted in Lake Placid at the ski jumps

The course did not contain any lumps 
Ruben placed well
Calvin got top thirty
And our parents rang the cowbell
But neither had to play dirty

Pursuit style was so fun
Skate distance first, Classic second
Luckily, warming up, we didn't have to run
Our team was one to be reckoned

Kyle did really well again
Among the men
Will F said hi
What a guy  
Chumley had two great races
He had some real fierce faces

Dana didn’t race on race skis,
She still flew like the bees
Anna did well in the skate
Too bad she already has a mate

Middlebury---Last Carnival!!

Upon arriving on Friday, it was sun shiny
Tons of smiley faces
Would have been better if we saw some hinny
Moved to Saturday and Sunday, we took our places

Car ride was so bumpy
No one made a fuss
Luckily Gramps wasn’t grumpy
Or he might have spit out a cuss

Ate at Middlebury dining hall
Dinner was really good; there was no need to bawl
A dessert banquet was held
Where all of the ski teams jelled

Skate race first
Where we thrived on thirst
But Taren broke her skis
Both days it was warm enough to race in tees

On Saturday, India forgot her boots
Dana missed her start by three minutes
Everyone was up in cahoots
But on Sunday we were all out to win it-s

Kyle placed top thirt-ee
With Calvin and Phil close behind
It was so funny listening to the emcee

The team placed eighth combined

We’ll sure miss Erin, Phil, Morgan, Taren, and Kyle
Gave them each a gift
But there was no need to give them a little lift
For every practice, they put in the extra mile

Good luck to them
We’ll only miss them some
Thanks to each and every ‘rent
Where we are gracious for all they have lent