Tuesday, November 18, 2014

SLUSKI Nordic 2014/2015

Time to meet your 2014/15 Skiing Saints!

Back row (L-R) Austin Meng, Phil Marshall, Blaine Ayotte, Drew Houx, Kyle Curry, Will Frielinghaus, Isaac Wright, Sean Delaney, Calvin Swomlay

Front row (L-R) Adam Terko, Erin Perryman, Kate Mulcahy, Taren McGray, Lizzy "Slizzerd" Landry, Dana Hatton, Emma Greenough, Ethan Townsend

Friday, November 14, 2014

Chasing the first ski with Kyle Curry

By Kyle Curry '16

The end of October and early November is one of my favorite times of year. The major physical tests are complete, workouts get more focused, and intensity sessions get harder. Besides that Thanksgiving camp, a time I look forward to the most, appears on the horizon. In a little over a week we will be in For├ęt skiing. However, what makes the end of fall (a time usually filled with wet, cold, and dark workouts) the most exciting is that first ski of the season after spending 6 months pounding away on the pavement. Myself and coach Terko have a lot of fun trying to locate that first skiable snow. I thought I would share a few of the ‘techniques’ we use to hunt out the snow. 

Certainly a good indication of when and where it might snow are general weather sites such as AccuWeather and Weather Underground. In addition to that there are a number of other smaller, more local weather sites, blogs, and Facebook pages. Some of our favorites include ILSnow, Upstate Snow, and The Single Chair Weather Blog (Although there has not been much activity there this year). There are also a number of alternate methods we use to search out the snow such as webcams and physically calling various places around the North Country [Editors note: Coach Terko has the Star Lake gas station on speed-dial]. 

By Wednesday of last week there was talk throughout the internet that we may be seeing our first measurable and skiable snow of the year by that Friday. However, come Friday morning things looked bleak. The grass on campus and the 25+ webcams we looked at all looked the same— It was not white. 

Friday afternoon on our way back from practice things changed, and looked much better for skiing that weekend. 

White Face Toll Rd. Friday Evening (Adirondack Powder Skier Association)

When I saw this picture posted on Adirondack Powder Skier Associations Facebook page of the White Face Toll Rd. I knew it was game on, we would be skiing the following day. 

Saturday morning a bus load of us left the ski room at 7 a.m. ready to ski. We packed beater classic and waxless skis. Some even brought skate gear. 

Conditions started out thin and icy by the toll house, but those coming down the road said conditions improved dramatically around the 1 mile mark-- We kept going. As we climbed the the iced covering the road gave way to powder, and pole tips tapping the pavement became quite. We were skiing! You cannot beat the Extra Blue conditions we were having for the first ski of the season! 

The crew at the first over look

Although it was cloudy the views were still pretty spectacular. 
Phil and Calvin leading the group mid-way up. 

We eventually skied above the clouds, and were greeted with sunshine.... it felt like mid December not November 8th. 

Will and Isaac look over edge through the clouds at the White Face ski trails below.

The group at the White Face castle

After taking our picture at the castle it was time for the 5 mile decent back to the van. Isaac took some nice footage. It was fast, fun, and pretty sketchy towards the bottom with all the ice. 

Overall, it was a great first ski of the season. It gave everyone a good taste of the many more SLU Ski adventures to come this winter. Unfortunately with warmer temps today and tomorrow it looks like we will be off snow for the next couple of days, but there is a chance we will be on snow again by the weeks end.