Monday, October 24, 2016

Hard at Work

By Dana

The nordic team just finished out it's fourth week of official practices this fall.  I'd say it's going pretty well for most of us, despite a few illnesses. We are continuing to work hard and mindfully.

This week had a lot of variety; we did some skate roller-ski intervals at Brown's Bridge, a run with speeds, and a classic roller-ski. We've also been continuing morning circuit training.

This weekend 10/21-23 was quite the mix of weather. Friday and Saturday were the first few rainy and cold days we've had in awhile; Sunday was also brisk and windy, but the skies cleared up and the sun came out. There was even some snow sighting!

Friday, we concluded the school week with speedball and strength in the field house. Saturday, the team got up early in the cold and dreary, rainy weather for an arduous running interval session at Suny Canton.  In the afternoon, we headed inside for some strength and weightlifting. Even with the sun shining on Sunday, it was starting to feel a lot like winter! The air was crisp with the smell of wood fires burning from people's wood-stoves, all along the wind shoved in our faces as we classic skied from Colton into Parishville to South Colton and concluded at Higley Flow State Park.  We ended the ski with Jenny Townsend's homemade delicious muffins!

That first snow feeling....winter is coming!
Some no pole classic skiing mixed into our OD on Sunday- OH THE SNOW!

Luckily, to get us through the weekend, Coach Townsend invited us to his home to decorate some halloween cookies and snack on some chips and dip, and warm apple cider. Oh, and needn't I forget to mention the Townsend's family's new puppy, Sophie! She was loving the attention the girls team was giving her!

After a hard interval session in the rain in the morning and a solid lift in the afternoon, it only made sense to spend some quality time decorating Halloween cookies. And of course playing with Coach Townsend's dog! #saintsskiing #stlawrenceu #cookiedecorating
Cookie Decorating and Sophie Loving

We're looking forward to more cold weather, because we are all dancing at the news Mt. Van Hovenberg was open this weekend with 6" of snow!!


Sunday, October 23, 2016



The following Monday after LP weekend, also Columbus Day, we gave up our day off to participate in the SLU Quadathlon; it's tradition!

We had 2 teams, one girls team and one mixed gender team. The girls team included:

Team name: SKI Squad
1. Jordan- Swim (500yds in the pool)
2. Dana- Bike (5mi on Minor Street)
3. Kate and Emily- Canoe (1mi on the Little River)
4. Lucy- Run (2mi on Campus trails and track)

The mixed team included:
Team name: The Free Range Fatbags...ahem, excuse me, I mean.. pizza rolls
1. Ryan- Swim
2. Brendan- Bike
3. Sam and Jackie- Canoe
4. Calvin- Run

It was an overall beautiful and fun day, as the excitement culminated with the mixed team winning! Way to represent SLUSKI!!
Front L-R: Calvin, Brendan and Jackie
Middle L-R: Dana, Emily, Lucy, Jordan and Kate
Back L-R: Ryan and Sam (honorary ski team member for the day)