Saturday, January 21, 2017

SLU Carni Day 2

Today, day 2 was a physically tough day. The race was a 5k skate for the females starting at 10am and a 10k skate for the males, which started at 11:30am. It was a 15sec individual start right out of the field, up and up the homologated Ladies 5k course- our "home" turf.  I know everyone was grinding it out.   If anyone knows ladies 5, you would know that it's a lot of uphill, then rolling, then more up, and then a little bit more up and then a fun, fast, tricky downhill back into the stadium! The snow was melting and the morning was gray and misty. The snow was wet and snowball making material. The hills proved to be more difficult than anticipated. However, the Saints don't come marching in just for the sake of marching in..we come so with passion, determination, a positive outlook ahead! So..for those who had a hard day, we're going to shake it off and look towards gettin' 'er done next time!! On the plus side, our top scorers today were Lucy and Calvin in 18th and 42nd! 

Embarrassing side note to spice up the life of this blog post.. Dana went to the port-a-potty (she just had to ask her parents, if it was port-o-potty or port-a-potty...) thinking she'd save some time, rather than waiting in the long bathroom line in the morning. Boy, was she wrong...She ended up going...and when I mean going..I meannn going the bathroom, if you know what I'm saying. So..She goes to reach for the toliet paper and (Jaw drops)..oh..crap...none left what-so-ever. Luckily, she remembers she saw India on her way to the port-a-potty! She cracks open the door, trying not to show too much to the busy ski world outside. She spots India, phew! She yells for "INDIAAA!" India turns around..she hears her name, but doesn't seee anyone..Dana yells for India again..and has her hand out the door waving to India! (Oh please come to me!) Dana open's the door a little bit wider, and finally, India comes! She says, "India, there's nooo toliet paper and I neeedd a lot!" India says, "Dana you'll probably just need to wait until the other person gets out of theirs..and Dana goes.."Can you get me some from inside?" Meanwhile, India leaves and Dana is just casually standing in the port-a-potty..oh yes, how lovely..just how she wanted to spend her morning. She hears people outside talking, "yeah there's no tp in that one..(laughing) Thanks to the SMC girl who knocked on the door and gave Dana some tp in the meantime! Finally, India came back with a massive, industrial sized roll of TP to save the day! 

Tomorrow (Sunday), we'll see some of the freshman girls skate it out again in a 10k race! Stop by and cheer on your fellow Saints! They are all looking to continue on to JN's with another qualifier tomorrow.

I want to take this time to thank my teammates as they are best and very supportive, no matter what mood people are in! Thanks for putting up with us and caring about one another. You guys are the greatest and the love you guys spread, makes the team go round:)

We want to thank all of the parents for their support! We know that it was a haul to drive to Lake Placid, so seeing everyone come to our races means a lot. There was a lot of food this weekend and that means happy souls, so thank you very much! Thanks to Lucy's parents who hosted us for dinner Thursday night! Also, it was awesome to see alums Kyle Curry, Phil Marshall, and Adam Terko this weekend! Thanks for coming out guys!  If you are an alum, stop by our trailer and say hi! We are all Laurentians for Life, right? 

See you on the trails,
Dana and SLUSKI

*All photos in this post taken by Dana

Friday, January 20, 2017

First Carnival!

Well, it’s been a long time since the first blog post where I introduced myself. Hard to believe that it was only several months ago. Since then, we have been through the trials of testing week, the horrors of 6:30 AM practice, and the huge volume of Thanksgiving camp. Now, although these were all hard, they don’t fully capture the hardest part of being a collegiate ski racer. See, the hardest part of being a ski racer is not the time trials or races that we write about, but simply finding the motivation to get out the door every day and have the consistency to put in the hours. It was all the workouts that we didn’t write about that got us to today.
And what was today?! THE FIRST CARNIVAL! That’s right, we all made it through the trials of training to arrive at the doorstep of the fast and fun (albeit a little crazy) 6 weeks that we call carnival season. SLU had the honor of hosting the first carnival. We opened with a classic sprint today and will follow that up with a skate 5/10K tomorrow. Some of us will stick around for a Mid-A JNQ classic 10k on Sunday. It’s been a lot of racing for some of us in the past few weeks, but the excitement of racing our first college carnivals on our home course with plenty of cheering friends and parents has gotten us through. In fact, I would say we haven’t just made it through, but excelled and had a blast.
We had a strong showing today in the classic sprint, though many are feeling as if their best effort will come tomorrow in the skate distance race. So, stay tuned. For now though, here is a recap of the great stuff that was happening on course at Mt. Van Hoevenberg today.

The course at Van Ho was the real surprise today. We arrived early to ski and found out that we did not have to go up quite so much of Main St. (the big climb) as we thought. This meant that there were lots of hard decisions about to double pole on skate skis or stride on classic. In the end all our guys (and most that I saw on course) decided to double pole, and the women were a mixed bag. Fortunately for the women, both striding and double poling seemed to be competitive choices.

Once we all figured out what skis we were using and the coaches finished their amazing waxing, balancing having to prep both skate and classic skis, we got to racing! The women went first and everyone seemed to have a great time in the sunshine, though as always there were mixed reactions in terms of results. Having fun (and looking pro with Saints face tattoos) is what matters though, and I think that mission was accomplished! The boys followed it up with some strong double poling and good fun (minus the face tats, though they looked pro as well).

Lucy ‘20 made her first college sprint heats and was very excited to get the chance to race some speedy girls. She went off in the first quarterfinal to finish 4th. Although she didn’t quite have the speed and strength to move on (Fun fact-double poling with your arms actually hurts your quads), she had a great time and was excited to get the chance to race such accomplished skiers.

We all stuck around to soak up the sun, eat some great food made by our wonderful parents, and cheer for friends on other teams. We ended the day with a full team photo that is sure to make it’s way to the blog at some point. Many thought that it was the hardest and most painful part of the day to stare into the sun and not squint… It’s tougher than it sounds.

Thank you all for your continued support; we wouldn’t have made it to the start line without you. Stick around for more news of tomorrow’s race and all the carnivals yet to come!

-Lucy '20

(All photos seen in this blog taken by Dana)

Men’s Results