Friday, January 19, 2018

First Carnival!!

Colby Carnival

What a rollercoaster weekend it was!

We arrived to Quarry Road in Waterville on Thursday the 11th with warm weather and beautiful conditions! It felt balmy compared to the below zero weather at MSA that week- some of us were wearing t-shirts, only long-sleeves and or no hats or gloves! After about an hour ski, we headed to the hotel in Augusta and then back out to the Riverfront Barbecue and Grille, where we feasted on lots of meat!

The next day we ventured out to bowling in our spare time, where we learned who had talent and those who didn't.. Kate had quite the showing! It was raining all day and the race course was closed. It unfortunately wiped out most of the snow, so we went for a pre-race run. After we ate at Colby's Dana Dining hall and hit the hay dreaming fast thoughts. 

ETown even went bowling!
Kate, and Matt, featuring Ryland psyched about his throw

Dana and Jordan excited to be out bowling!
Eliza and Lucy throwing down

Team bonding! And more bowling below!

More disappointment came when the first race was canceled due to the rain wiping out snow and making the course an ice skating rink! The girls had already gotten so ready as you can see from our team selfie together below, as well as the coaches who had already waxed all of our skis! We were able to get to the trails that afternoon for a sneak peak of what was to come.

The second day, Sunday, turned out to be really nice and we can't thank the Colby crew enough for the tremendous efforts they put into pulling the race off.  Sunday's race was originally supposed to be a 10k/15k mass start skate, but the course ended up being on the first loop of the normal 5k, which was about 1.7k.  Girls did it three times and guys six times for a total of a 5k and 10k race.

SLU had an awesome showing with a superb finish by Jackie Garso '20 in 7th place!!! The girls team also placed in 5th, which may have been the best team finish in seven years. I think a lot of us felt we could do better and I know we can, so having finished in 5th makes me really excited for the rest of this season! 

The guys are a young team and they are skiing well, and they will continue to grow and learn from racing on the circuit.  Unfortunately, Ryland didn't feel well and had to stop midway through his race and Ben was recovering from some kind of illness, but we give him props for racing still! 

Women's Results

Men's Results

India's Blog for EISA

The First Carnival Scene in Waterville, ME.
We are excited for this coming weekend at Sleepy Hollow hosted by St. Michaels!  Watch out because the Saints are ready to march in!

Thanks for your continued support! We hope to see you on the trails,

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

MSA 2k18

By: Timothy Cunningham
The week of sharpening
The team is currently in Quebec getting ready for the start of the EISA season. Enjoying the great skiing at Mount Saints Anne. Next up: Colby Carnival!
Team at top of Trail #24 at MSA
            Hello Saints fans and/or parents and/or alums, it’s Timothy again! I’m the guy that enjoys that running and hiking (AKA running) uphill stuff. Also food, but I think that’s just me. In any case, I just spent the better part of last week up in Quebec, Canada skiing with the nordic team in the balmy weather (right around 0*F most days..except more like -10) on the beautiful uphill trails of Mount Saint Anne (MSA). Now I know I said earlier this year that I liked skate skiing a little more on some beautiful corduroy, but I took several days after biathlon trials and learned that classic skiing isn’t totally a horrible thing, just occasionally really sticky, but more on that later. Hopefully much later.
Dottie and Jordan chilling at our team house 
            Our week at MSA (from the 5th-10th) was primarily a preparatory week for our first carnival this past weekend (the 13th and 14th) at Colby College.  Also known as a sharpening week, we focus on preparing our minds and bodies for peak fruit ninja season. Not really though, that would just be tomfoolery. We ski instead. 
Lucy and Dana's adventures in the van ride

Jackie and Gabby relaxing after a ski
More team downtime

One of the many bedrooms in our house at MSA!
Dani and Waters watching 'Bill Nye' while Matt maintains his fire and TV

Bob focusing on the tough driving conditions to MSA

The drive from school to MSA was a long 8 hours!  It was practically a whiteout with heavy winds. Day one comprised of an easy ski tour of the trails at MSA where I opted to ski the less hilly green trails, so that I could really enjoy the very hilly black diamond trails immediately after! Post-workout the group drove back to the house we were staying in at the base of the alpine mountain (at night they turn the trail lights on all over the mountain, which is beautiful if you’re into light pollution). I however, was loving the special green conditions, so I ended up skiing back to the house on the river trail. Unfortunately, that trail is almost all downhill. This is bad because that means its DOWNHILL and not UPHILL, which just isn’t as fun. It was also -5*F not including the downhill wind-chill, but in a sport that exists solely because of the cold, the temperature was more of an exciting challenge and thrill than a detractor, unlike the lack of uphill, which really was a downer.  Ha. Haha…. Moving on.
Lucy, Dana, Jackie and Tim back seating in the transit for the drive to MSA

            Understanding that most readers at this moment have something more important to be doing, like skiing, or applying to SLU, both of which are exceedingly good choices, I will sum up the rest of the week with a few of the highlights.
Monday, we had a Classical 10Km Time Trial! This was obviously the best workout of the week because we got to ski our minds out for 30+ minutes. But also because it helped us get into race mode for the 10Km opener race at Colby this past weekend, which was the same format for men.
Wednesday, we did a specific strength (Double Pole, Single Stick, and Herringboning quickly) workout in the above zero temperatures! This was delightfully difficult but was made even better by some downhill agility on the “S-turns.” A short day as far as volume is concerned but also great prep for Colby.
Top of Trail 24 looking at the Alpine Mountain PC: Emily


Going back in time a little bit, but Tuesday was the best day in my opinion. The team ended up doing a group ski up trail #24, the longest and most scenic black diamond trail. It was a nearly clear day on good hard packed snow, so we just had to send it on the downhills, hitting top speeds of 39.2 MPH! I clocked that using a GPS watch. Nifty little thing. We stopped for a picture at the top to capture the fun.

That’s all I have to say about SLU’s awesome week at MSA! We look forward to going for it this carnival season, follow our progress at… Somewhere, probably BART TIMING? On that note I think I’ll probably go for a ski.  
(Check out our next blog about our first Carnival at Colby soon!)